Energy efficiency project investments are rarely understood in terms of risk. Our engineers know how to evaluate energy cost savings on the basis of predictive statistics.


Once your energy savings project is operating, your firm needs to know if the savings you were promised are actually performing as advertised ... we can do that.

Energy Measures Company Inc. (EMCO) is one of the Central Valley's leading energy analysis consultants. Large Agricultural, Commercial, and Industrial firms rely on us to provide objective, honest and reliable energy project feasibility information. We deliver on all levels. Our reputation and over 30 years of  real world experience lets you

and report statistically verifiable financial values so your team can decide what's cost effective.

know you are in capable hands.

Most energy management or energy efficiency consultants leave their clients wondering if the energy savings they trusted in to reduce their costs will actually occur. EMCO uses state of the art variable analysis, in concert with years of experience in the industry to measure risk


Maintaining a corporate culture of energy efficiency and cost control requires a strategy of focused accountability and continueous improvement ... We can help you do that.


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