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Measurement & Verification Services


EMCO provides comprehensive M&V reporting in a package of services or for any one project existing at your facility. We don't only report measured energy savings, but present our results within the context of your facility's economic variables, such as operating hours per year, projected future electric rate increases, natural gas price volatility, or product cost.  Project performance is a journey, not just a number.


Energy Utilization Strategic Plan - EUSP


Maintaining your energy project investment and improving on it doesn't just happen, it takes a lot of planning. Our energy management professionals will design a 5-year strategic plan which can be incorporated into your existing plans to help you benchmark and drive downward the ever increasing cost of using energy in California. Remember that the best approach to reducing GHG emissions is through energy management and onsite energy generation.

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Energy Efficiency & Onsite Generation


EMCO engineers work with your firm's leadership team to analyze and report the best strategies for energy cost reduction tailored to your firm's facilities. Our engineers are experienced in all areas of energy management and were there in the beginning of this movement. Our flat fees or hourly rates are the lowest in the business; and we always include GreenHouse Gas recommendations with our predictive reporting.


Energy Projects - Most large Agricultural, Commercial, and Industrial facilities within California can acquire a free Energy Audit from their local energy utility company. So even though we can provide your firm the best energy audit on earth, we would prefer that you get it free first!

If you already have an energy audit completed that is less than 5 years old, please send it to EMCO for our free review and summary report. We will scrutinize the utility's audit recommendations and tell you how they did, and what we can do to improve their project assessment.

That's right; at no cost to you!

Then, if you agree to pursue these energy efficiency or onsite generation projects with EMCO, we complete our analysis to provide investment - grade information along with financial analysis that will predict savings within a 95 to 99% confidence interval (a range of high and low return expectations). Only now can your leadership team make an informed financial decision whether to move forward.

Post-Auditing - The Energy Management Cycle doesn't end at implementation. Confirming the performance of your project is as

important as researching it in the beginning! EMCO uses best available M&V practices to confirm your energy cost savings, or onsite generation performance with expert analysis techniques found nowhere else in the energy management industry.

Future Energy Improvements Planning - The time has come to duplicate your success, and we have the engineers to show you how. EMCO has trademarked our own Energy Utilization Strategic Plan (EUSP). Your new innovations can now be incorporated into your existing business Strategic Plan.

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